Why is lubrication so important

When I am talking with a woman about intimacy, lubrication is always a topic I bring up. It is such an important component for a variety of reasons. But at the same time, many women tell me they either produce quite a bit and don’t need any extra, or they are young and shouldn’t have to worry about it. Once I explain why using a good lube is so important, they leave my office or the party with a Just Like Me in their bag.

Women secrete lubrication in their vagina due to sexual response. It helps prepare their vagina for comfortable penetration. As women age and go through menopause, estrogen levels decrease, causing a corresponding decrease in natural lubrication. This, in turn, can cause itching or burning even before sexual activity begins.

When you are young, natural lubrication is usually not an issue. However, outside influences such as certain medications can affect how much lubrication you produce. Also, when you have a marathon lovemaking session, you’ll notice that you’ll usually become drier with each subsequent act. This is because your partner’s penis is absorbing what you are producing, and he is also drying out in-between. If you have ever experienced a burning sensation either during or afterwards, then you have developed micro-tears in your vagina. What are micro-tears? They are tiny breaks in your internal vaginal skin that open it up to any bacteria or viruses that have been introduced during sex. Those bacteria and viruses can then enter your bloodstream, causing vaginal infections, or worse. Who wants an extra visit to the gyno?

Using a good, basic lubricant, such as Just Like Me, helps make intercourse or toy play much more comfortable, and it also helps to prevent those micro-tears. Since Just Like Me is pH-balanced and water-based, it also makes an excellent vaginal moisturizer for those women who experience occasional or routine vaginal dryness. It is a pump dispenser that gives you just the right amount in a pump or two to insert into your vagina, twice a day, to help alleviate your dryness. The added moisture helps keep your vaginal tissues soft and supple, like they were when you were younger. For intercourse, make sure you put some lube on him as well. The packaging is so thoughtful that you can pop it in your purse or overnight bag and pass through airport security easily because it is TSA-compliant.

If you have pain during intercourse, I highly recommend Pure Romance’s Water-Based Lubricant with CBD. For many women, this has become a lifesaver because the CBD is amazing for reducing any discomfort due to vaginal dryness. This Water-Based Lubricant is infused with 90 mg of CBD isolate per bottle to elevate your pleasure and heighten every intimate moment.

If you are interested in anal play, lubrication is a must because there is no natural lubrication there. Any toy play or intercourse without lube will not only be uncomfortable, but also potentially create damage to those tissues, which could further cause an infection. Pure Romance’s Hybrid Gel Lubricant is a cross between a water-based and a silicone lubricant, but is safe to use with silicone toys. It’s also great for water play. It lasts longer and doesn’t evaporate, so if you are again looking for a marathon session and don’t want to reapply, then Hybrid Gel is for you.

I am always here to answer any questions you have about what type of lube you need. But keep this in mind: It’s always a good idea to have a variety of them on hand, because they add a fun element to your play, and help keep things interesting in the bedroom.

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