The Rise of TPE: A Shift from Silicone in Manufacturing

In the realm of manufacturing, a notable transition is underway as companies increasingly turn to Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) over traditional silicone. Understanding this shift requires delving into what TPE and silicone are, exploring reasons behind the switch, and considering factors like allergies, cost, development history, care, and longevity.

TPE and silicone are both versatile materials prized for their flexibility and durability. Silicone, a synthetic polymer, has long been favored for its heat resistance and hypoallergenic properties. Developed by the German company KRAUSSMAFFEI in the late 1950s, TPE offers similar elasticity and resilience but with distinct advantages.

to enhance the look of the products.One reason for the surge in TPE usage is its lower production cost compared to silicone. TPE is also recyclable, aligning with growing sustainability efforts across industries. Moreover, while silicone is generally hypoallergenic, some individuals may still exhibit sensitivities. TPE, however, is considered less likely to cause allergic reactions. Therefore. it is an attractive alternative, particularly in sensitive applications such as medical devices, children’s toys and intimacy products. Pure Romance is now using TPE in its toys. The latest products are crystal clear, and not only add some elegance to the line, but they also allow the user to ensure complete cleanup more easily. TPE can also be dyed in various colors

In terms of care and durability, both materials require proper maintenance to ensure longevity. While silicone tends to be more resistant to heat and chemicals, TPE can offer comparable performance with appropriate care. To clean and disinfect your products, we recommend using Cleansing Mist both before and after. When purchasing a product from my website, you will get an instruction sheet outlining how to properly clean and store your products.

The transition from silicone to TPE reflects a broader trend toward innovation, sustainability, and consumer safety. As companies adapt to meet evolving market demands, TPE emerges as a compelling choice for the product material. It offers a balance of performance, affordability, and reduced environmental impact while providing similar characteristics to silicone.

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