Fragrance Flight


Fragrance Flight

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Fragrance Flight Alongside introduces 3 brand-new scents that captivate in addition to our classic Dirty French, Truly Sexy Flirt, and Love Story scents. Wicked Nights, Summer Crush, and Burn For You are a great addition to our line of fragrances.
Hand in hand, sand between your toes – there’s nothing quite like a Summer Crush. This light and airy scent captures that rush of excitement that comes with new love. Notes of fresh cucumber create a bright, delicate fragrance that will rouse feelings of endless possibilities, while soothing driftwood provides a clean, salty bite that brings to mind rushing waves and the crisp ocean air. A subtle infusion of Sorrento lemon rounds it all out with a sweet note – and a lasting memory. Is this love fleeting? Or will it endure? This is your story to finish.
Let your passion ignite with Burn For You. This seductive scent is inspired by the feelings of deep devotion and affectionate love. Blooming orchid gives this fragrance a floral air that makes sure things stay fresh, while royal honey provides a sweet and inviting note that keeps them coming back for more. Wrap it all up in the cozy comfort of vanilla creme, and you’re sure to keep the fire burning for a long time.
It’s time to give in to your wild side with Wicked Nights. This captivating fragrance channels the intensity and ecstasy of fierce and fiery love. An infusion of jasmine provides a rich, lavish note of sweetness that endures all night long, while the subtle sour of crisp apple creates the perfect balance, so no one’s tastes are left unsatisfied. Earthy wood embers ground it all, and ensure that even as the night comes to an end, an eager heat still lingers.


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