Want Stronger Orgasms?

I mean, who doesn’t? The best way to achieve stronger and longer lasting orgasms is to strengthen your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, which are better known as your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles also help keep your abdominal organs in place and stabilize your core. They can weaken over time due to childbirth, normal aging process, or injury, leading to incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. That means your organs are not sitting where they are supposed to in your abdomen. If they aren’t in the right place, it can cause you to not be able to hold your poop or pee in properly. How embarrassing is that?

In order to strengthen any muscle, you have to enlist a weight lifting routine of some kind. The PC muscles are no different. Kegel exercises are the principle exercise for strengthening the PC muscles. In order to isolate those muscles, simply start and then stop peeing and hold during the stop phase for a count of ten. Repeat ten times to complete one set. Aim for three sets of ten to begin with. Ben Wa balls have been around for centuries and have been used to add weight resistance to Kegel exercises, by inserting one ball into the vagina and using the PC muscles, keep it in the vagina without letting it fall out. Don’t worry, it is not going to “get stuck” up there. Your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. Everything makes its way outward. The balls will, too.

The PC muscles are also those that contract during orgasm. So, the stronger the muscles, the stronger and deeper the orgasms. I offer several different types of Ben Wa balls here on my website. From my personal favorites the Euforia P3, which are the Cadillac of Ben Wa balls; to the Exercise-Her, which are larger and feature a tampon-like cord for easier removal; to the ultra-portable silver-plated Ben Wa Balls in zippered travel case. With each order I include an exercise routine that is explained along with a care sheet on how to take care of your product using our Cleansing Mist.

As an added bonus, you can add a Ben Wa ball or two prior to intercourse. When your partner inserts, both of you will feel the rolling motion of the balls against both your vaginal wall and his penis. It adds a feeling of fullness and a different sensation for both of you.

So if you find that you pee a little when you sneeze (we call it “peeze”), or have trouble with incontinence on a regular basis, do your Kegels! And add the weight of Ben Wa balls to your routine. Not only will it help with the tinkling, it helps keep your pelvic organs in place, and helps give you stronger orgasms. I call that a win/win, for sure!

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Patricia Stoecker
I retired from the Army in 2016 after 32 years of service, including two overseas deployments. After I got settled, I wanted to start my own business, and Pure Romance quite literally fell into my lap. I love what I do, and the first time a woman approached me and told me I "changed her life," I knew I made the right choice. Pure Romance is more than just toys: We are all about Educating, Empowering, and Entertaining women to enhance their relationships and help them feel better about themselves.

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