Massage Does More Than Make You Feel Good

Massage does more than make you feel good

Partner massage can be a beautiful way to nurture your relationship and promote well-being. However, it is essential to approach it with care, respect, and open communication to ensure a positive experience for both partners. This practice can have several benefits for both physical and emotional well-being.

First, Partner massage can strengthen the emotional bond between two individuals. It fosters intimacy, trust, and a sense of connection as partners engage in a caring, nurturing activity together. Touch plays such an important role in relationships. However, it is one that is commonly overlooked, especially as relationships mature. For instance, how do you feel when your partner takes and holds your hand, even when you are walking from the car into the grocery store? Or does your partner even try to hold your hand anymore?

With touch as the central method of communication, giving or receiving a massage from a partner can be a great way to alleviate stress for both individuals. The soothing touch and relaxation response can reduce tension and promote a sense of calm. Is also requires communication and attentiveness to each other’s needs and preferences. This practice can enhance communication skills and encourage partners to be more in tune with each other’s feelings and physical sensations.

Pain is very common, especially as we get older. Massaging tense or sore muscles and other areas that are uncomfortable to one partner can provide relief and relaxation. CBD has proven to be helpful for alleviating pain. Use Pure Romance’s Muscle Rub with CBD during the massage on those painful areas. Touch and massage can help both individuals become more aware of their own bodies and those of their partners. This heightened body awareness can lead to improved posture, better physical alignment, and greater self-awareness. It also enhances the increased intimacy, connection and closeness between the two individuals. Vibration helps with pain as it brings blood flow to the area and helps dissipate the toxins associated with pain. Dream On is one of my favorite tools to help with this. Great for trigger point massage, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and a number of other ailments, it’s my go to for helping with my pain.

So how do you set up for an effective partner massage session? Create a relaxed and comfortable area. Set the mood with soft lighting, soothing music and peaceful surroundings. Ensure the room temperature is warm enough, since most people tend to feel cooler when they are undressed. Communication is key. Ask your partner what areas they’d like you to concentrate on. Warm up some massage oil, but make sure it’s not too hot to the touch. Massage oil reduces friction and allows hands to glide over skin to enhance the experience. One infused with essential oils can elevate it to an aromatic session and increase relaxation. Pure Romance’s Knead Me is infused with Bergamot oil, so it smells divine.

Use proper massage techniques. Consider attending a couples massage class to learn some basic massage techniques. Start with gentle, broad strokes and gradually work on specific areas of tension. Although skin-to-skin contact is best, if you prefer a deeper experience, Pure Romance’s In Good Hands massage gloves provide great texture that can help with a deeper tissue massage. They also have multiple uses!

Don’t forget to take turns. This is a couples’ experience, so ensure that both partners benefit from the experience. Always respect your partner’s boundaries and comfort levels. Make adjustments if something doesn’t feel right or is uncomfortable, the point of this is that you both enjoy it. And above all, enjoy the experience. Approach partner massage with a sense of relaxation, playfulness, and enjoyment. The goal is not just to provide physical benefits but also to connect on a deeper level.

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